This is the transcript from Eman's first live chat on this site on January 9, 2002.  I've edited out all of the extra conversations in between, and just left the questions and answers that Eman responded to.
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Hey all. How are you guys?
<TheGreatMafiaPrincess> We are not guys
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> gals

<Emanuel_Kiriakou> questions??

<EmanFan> BOXERS or BRIEFs?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> no underwear

<Starlette> Are you single? -- It's bound to come sometime and were all dying to know!!
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Not really
<Starlette> Not really? hmmmm...
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> depends what day it is and what city i'm in

<critter0824> Hi, I'm Christina...What type of music do you enjoy listening too? Saw you in Texas at a Radio Show Joe and you did...Hope to see you again! :)
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I love all music. As long as it's good.

<Joyful77> Are you excited to do your first concert, is it next weekend?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Really excited. Should be fun.

<Corey_Ann> Eman, where is your ideal setting to write music?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> In my studio

<EmanFan> Hey, I'm Leah from Chicago...What's your favorite tune on the new album?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I love all the songs for different reasons. What's your favorite song?
<EmanFan> Falling

<HalleB> EMAN : What was your favorite city to tour this summer?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Chicago and LA

<SunSet17> Eman, after 9-11 are you ever going to come back to WA?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Absolutely. Washington will always be special to me because that's where I was on 9-11

<Guest50095> Cheri here from CT.. I just got your CD and I love it!!!
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Thanks cheri

<TsakpinakiElenaki> Do you sing Greek any on your cd?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I was going to sing in Greek on the record but I decided to wait till record 2

<LOVEJOEMAC> are you and joe still gonna tour? you guys rocked in hollywood and yakima!
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I love touring with Joe. I'd do the 2 man tour again. But I have to concentrate on my own thing

<Nicholle> Hi , I am Niki from Ontario ...Eman will you be promoting your new album in Canada any time soon?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I hope to come to Canada this year

<Joes_Sinatra_Girl> I live in MN & you taught at a music school while you lived here. which school?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> It was Music Tech

<tigerladyjp> So eman what do you think of your fan base? - saw you in ohio last july ;)
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I love my fan base. It's very flattering

<SunSet17> I have not seen a song list yet from your cd (and mine should be in the mail.. so.. is Endlessly on your cd?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Endlessly is not on the CD. I hope it ends up on Joes new CD

<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I'm working on a CD release show in NY for March

<MacChick> Eman, If you could work with any singer or songwriter that you haven't worked with yet, who would you choose?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Paul MCartney

<Medwaygrad01> Are you coming to Boston or Hartford, CT and time soon?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I hope to play in Boston this spring
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I hope to do CHicago and Madison and Minneapolis this Spring

<sookie74> Hi Eman! I just wanted to thank you for the Yakima, WA show on 9/11. It really was quite amazing.
<Kaury> very amazing
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I'll never forget Yakima
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> what a day

<mbhj> If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or quality, what would it be?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Restraint

<Starlette> Do you remember LA and the Roxy?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> The roxy was awesome

<anelise> where did you get your inspiration for 'older i get ' and 'i shut down'
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> The Older I get is a song I wrote for my Dad's birthday

<Guest20692> Het Eman! I'm from PA, any chance you'll do a show in the Pittsburgh area?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I'd love to play in Pittsburgh. I'm sure I will.

<paulette> Eman - LMAO - Nikki is asking if you can come to her 6th birthday on Sat. She has my yakima pics up on her wall.
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I'd love to but I'll be in Utah

<SunSet17> Eman do you remember playing in New Bedford, MA at the fun 107 concert there.. I met you in the dressing room upstairs.
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I remember that show in New Bedford

<KGreene978> SUSAN asking: Hi Emanuel! Did you like Joe's play tick, tick BOOM?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> i loved TickTick Boom. I thought Joe was amazing. I was really proud of him

<tigerladyjp> So far what are the upsides and downsides to being well known?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I'll have to ask someone who's well known

<ValentineGirl> Okay Eman be honest..were you a New Kids fan? LOL
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> not really

<HalleB> EMAN : Descibe your ideal woman for us
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Just a really fun girl with a great sense of humour

<PrincessButtercup> Ok, I can't think of a good question so....what's your favorite movie? Have you seen the Princess Bride? ;)
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Godfather
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> 2

<Punkass> Eman, I'm listening to the CD right now. What's your favorite song on the album? It's awesome, by the way
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> all of them

<EmanFan> Are you fluent in Greek?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I can carry on a conversation

<tigerladyjp> hey Eman were you surprised when you saw eman signs in the audience this summer? What did it feel like?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> It felt great

<MacChick> Do you prefer dill or sweet pickles? (don't ask. LOL had to be done)
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Dill

<sookie74> Eman~ do you plan on visiting your BBS? Or will you just peek in on us?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I'll just keep checking so you'll never know

<TheGreatMafiaPrincess> Scramble eggs or sunny side up?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Omelettes

<Champaggne> How long have you been singing?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I've been singing forever

<tigerladyjp> Eman what inspired you to write I shut down? That is my most fav song I could listen to it over and over and never get sick of it
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> flattered
<tigerladyjp> What i mean is did something inspire you to write "i shut down" or did it just come to you out of the blue ;)
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Something inspired me. It's a really long story

<PrincessButtercup> Do you think you'll ever come to New Hampshire??
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I've never been to New Hampshire but I hear it's beautiful. I'd love to come

<EmanFan> what brand of guitar is your favorite?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Fender, Gibson

<Champaggne> Favorite TV show?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Sopranos

<happysun21> i got a question....Eman, Have you read the JoeMacMobile Chronicles at your official forum??
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I never read them what are they
<Kaury> ah? Eman????? YOU HAVE TO READ THEM!!!
<RobynTherese> They're a running story that you star in!
<happysun21> The Chronicles are a fan fic about you and Joe that was written by myself (Kelly) and Kaury....its all for fun!!
<Kaury> the chronicles are in the FAN FICTION section of your site
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> uh oh

<Idiotgirl> Emanuel: Can't wait for you to come to Chicago. Do you want to do small venues and clubs and will you have a band? Much love from Chicago Dogg!
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I'll have a band
<Idiotgirl> you'll have a band...anyone from the Band last summer????
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Rich and Winston

<TsakpinakiElenaki> Who are your fave Greek artists?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Dlaras. Parios. Katzandzithis
<TsakpinakiElenaki> sad Katsanzidis died
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> i know

<MacChick> How do you like to unwind after a long day in the studio?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> a drink

<HalleB> EMAN : Will you be as kind & generous on your upcoming tour - like you were this summer?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I am how I am

<Idiotgirl> what about Bourgeois Heart Emanuel...what's the story behind that one?? I love that damn song Dogg!LOL
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> It's about an old friend (musical partner) that I split up with. It's my way of calling him a phoney

<sookie74> DO YOU PREFER PERFORMING FOR SMALL CROWDs (under 300) OR LARGER (over 500)??
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> small crowds

<Ravyn629> Why do you prefer small crowds?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> intimacy with the audience

<Starlette> What's your favorite restarant
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Stamatis greek restaurant in Astoria

<sookie74> Did you play sports in high school? Or were you in the band?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I played basketball and was in band. cyo basketball

<Champaggne> Do you like FOOTBALL?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I'm not really a football guy

<TsakpinakiElenaki> Did you have to work in your family;s restaurant ?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I cooked in my families restaurant

<tigerladyjp> Eman how many instruments can you play? and what is your fav?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I don't know really. As many as I can get away with.

<Idiotgirl> Where are you right now doing this chat...if i may ask?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> My managers house

<SunSet17> what did you do for NYE
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> went to a friends for dinner

<mbhj> If a crystal ball would tell you the truth about any one thing you wished to know concerning your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> If I die peacefully

<Champaggne> What/who inspires you the most?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> good question. no answer

<KGreene978> <Susan> What's your shoe size?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> size 11

<Starlette> Okay, I am dying to go to Greece and heard so much about the Greek Isles and the place where there is an amazing sunset! What is this place called?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> So many different places

<scranton> Eman, are there any press plans for promotion? Anything with any media whatsoever?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> No plans yet.

<EmanFan> when do you hope to start touring? After the release in NYC?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> We'll start next week

<tigerladyjp> What was your fav place you went to over the summer?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Boston

<HalleB> EMAN : Please keep your website updated on tour plans, so we aren't left speculating
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> My website should be totally completed next week. It will updated regularly.

<SunSet17> I think your bday is Aug.. Am I right? if so what date?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> 16th
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> LEO

<Starlette> What are your next project plans?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I'm finishing up a new record by Willy Porter. As soon as I'm done with that I finish a record by a girl named Steffanie Beard. She defies description

<TheGreatMafiaPrincess> What songs do you sing in the shower?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> my songs

<Starlette> Eman, I have to tell you. Do you remember the Jojo Wright show in LA?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Yes I do

<MacChick> What's your favorite book?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller

<EmanFan> who are your guitar influences? rock or classical?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, George Dalaras

<Idiotgirl> Emanuel, How many instruments can you play? i heard you played everything on your CD.
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I only play them out of necessity

<mbhj> If you were guaranteed an honest response to any one question, who would you question and what would you ask?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Jesus Christ. Did you die for me

<Emanuel_Kiriakou> I got about 5 minutes left

<TheGreatMafiaPrincess> Do you have kids?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> No kids

<Canadians> Jen would like to know if you know how to play the baklamas?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> yes I do

<anelise> i just want to tell you your album rocks
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> thanks

<PrincessButtercup> Eman, is 16 too young for you?
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> yes. I can wait 2 years

<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Thank all of you guys. You're the greatest. THANK YOU
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> Thanks everyone
<Emanuel_Kiriakou> It was fun. I hope we do this again soon

<Emanuel_Kiriakou> goodbye
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