Photo taken by Chris in Muskegon, MI 8.3.01   
News, February 15th:  Eman's song "I Shut Down" was featured on the tv show Meet My Folks recently!

Eman's house party tour is now in full swing.  Go to the Where is he? page for details on where he's been, and where he's going to be in the near future!!

As many of you know, Eman's music was featured in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which became a major blockbuster this summer.  The soundtrack can be ordered from, and features the song Kefi in Katavia, which he originally released on his Mediterranean album from Lifescapes.  The movie is now available on DVD and video, and can be purchased from

Update, February 15th:  Again, I haven't had a chance to update much recently.   Go to the Where is he? page for the updates I made today.  I've included lots of links for info and pics on his recent appearances.  Look for more major updates in the near future!!!  Be sure to sign up for the Eman Rocks Yahoo mailing list (linked below) to be notified when updates and announcements are made!

More News/Updates

           Photo taken by Corey Ann in Toledo, OH 7.19.01

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