My Interview with Eman on August 19, 2001
I had the incredible honor of interviewing Eman while I was in NYC the weekend of Macy's Music Mania.
Check out this coming interview with Eman
"I get upset, like, 'I want to eat!  Can we just eat?' But he'll talk to them."
Quote from People Magazine, Eman commenting on how Joe McIntyre will always take time for his fans, even in a restaurant.
"Emanuel Kiriakou - my mentor.  I have flourished under your tutelage.  Your integrity, your unwavering commitment, your musicianship, your temper, your open mind, and your open heart.  My gratitude cannot be measured.  p.s. don't throw this back in my face the next time we argue over a bass line."
Quote from Joe McIntyre, taken from the thank you's in the Meet Joe Mac album liner.
"Kristen, Rocks!!  Thanks a lot! Eman"
This is how Eman signed the 8x10 picture I have from Corey.  He signed it just after finishing the interview.
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