Fan Experiences with Eman
Kiss Concert 22 - June 2, 2001 - Mansfield, MA
This is my story of the very first time I met Eman, and the experience that started the whole thing!
Ok, here's my first story of meeting Eman.  It was June 2nd, at Kiss Concert 22 in Mansfield, MA.  To prepare for seeing Joe live for the first time since Meet Joe Mac had been released, I'd listened to the CD the entire day at work the day before.  There were 8 of us going in my group, and we were meeting another group of 8 there, and all of us had lawn seats, which are general admission.  So, we got there at 8AM.  The doors didn't open until 11.  It had started pouring outside sometime during the night, and to get there by then, we had to leave my house by 6:30AM.  We were prepared for the rain though...ponchos, raincoats, layers, umbrellas.  You name it, we had it.  When the doors opened, we sent the runners from our group in with the blankets.  We had a great area right in the front.  We were all pretty soaked through by then, but everyone was in a great mood.

Joe was the second performer at about 12:30.  I was using my binoculars to see it was that far away.  Mainly I was watching Joe, but I also noticed Eman, and remembered seeing him on the E! Celebrity Profile.  Not too long after I noticed him, my friend Mel leans over and says "Hey, look at his guitarist, on the right, he's hot!" (sorry Mel, had to include it!)  Of course I agreed, then I told her who he was and how he had written a lot of the songs with Joe, and done so much other stuff on the album.  So now we spent the rest of the concert watching both!

As soon as the performance was over, we grabbed our stuff and were gone.  Joe was doing a signing, and we were not going to miss it.  I had MJM in a ziplock baggie, so it didn't get hurt.  We get all the way down there, and they're not letting people line up yet, so we just hung out.  The rain had finally just stopped, so we were trying to make ourselves look human again.  I used the bandanas they gave out for free to cover up the mess that was my hair.  Then finally they decided to let people line up, and somehow we ended up near the back (we were like the first ones there, I have no idea how that happened).  So, Mel and I had gotten Joe's autograph 2 years ago at the same concert, and my sister had missed it.  So, I pulled out my MJM CD handed it to Jaci (my sister) then took her hand, pulled her up through the crowd we were in so that she was in front of me, then pushed her up a little more and told her not to move no matter what happened.  I told her to get the CD signed.

We went and found ourselve a spot out of the way down the end of the tent, where we could see Joe walk by, but not get in anyone's way.  Sure enough, he went by.  So, we just kept standing there.  Waiting, we took turns checking on Jaci, but she wasn't moving in the line.  While I'm standing there, I look up and some of Joe's band is standing there a few feet away.  Eman is one of them.  He had walked up to say something to Joe at the table, and then was standing only a few feet away in the crowd, and no one seemed to notice them at all.

We took some pictures from a distance, and we wanted to go up, but he was talking to someone who was writing stuff in a notepad, and I did not want to interrupt or anything.  Then, just before I was about to get up the nerve to do it, my sister comes running up screaming.  She'd given up and gotten out of line because she was never going to get through and wanted to atleast see Joe.  As she did, Dave, Joe's bodyguard (Jaci had no idea who he was) saw her with the CD and asked her if she wanted her CD signed.  So he brought her right up to the front of the line.  She got to have her name on it (something I didn't get from Joe the first time) but she spell's it differently, so he wrote something about it on the CD too.  She was so excited, and all I'm thinking is, damn, that was MY CD!!!  :)  Oh well, had to go buy a new one!

So, I point out Eman to Jaci and tell her that I was about to go up to him but I was scared.  So, she was on some kind of adrenaline kick and goes running up to him, asks him if he's Emanuel (just to make sure) and he says yes, so she says "My sister wants to get a picture with you" and she waves me over!  I was so embarrassed!  So I go up, he asks my name, my sister takes the picture of us (which is the one on my site).  Then I told him how much I loved the music, and he asked if I had the CD.  I said yes, of course, and told him that I'd spent the whole day before listening to it on repeat at work.  He was like "really?" and then asked what my favorite song was.  I had no idea at that point which songs were the ones that Eman had helped write, but the song that had stood out to me the most was Easier, and that's what I told him.  He smiled and shook my hand as he told me that it was his favorite too, as well as Mrs. Callahan, which I told him was another song I loved.  I couldn't believe it, that I was just standing there chatting with him.  There were other band members there too, but I was only talking to Eman.  Then Dave walks back up, and starts chatting with us like we'd all been talking and hanging out for hours.  Starts telling us some story about how Joe lists the heirarchy of his "team" and then how Dave had corrected him.  It was funny because the whole thing started with "Joe was telling me the funniest thing the other day..." I'm thinking, this isn't happening for real is it?  Eman laughed because in both lists, he was above Dave (I think...) The signing was almost over by then and they were going to have to go, so they were about to leave.  Then Mel tugged on my shirt, and look over and she had that look like "me too, me too" so I turn to Eman and ask if I can get a picture of them together.

I took it (all of these pics are on my site) and then Michelle wanted one, and so did Jaci and Sarah.  Then they really had to go so I said thank you!  I walked away shaking!  I couldn't believe it!  All I was thinking was that the entire experience blew away meeting Joe for like 30 seconds.  It was incredible and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  We went back to our spot and watched Joe walk by again, and took our time going back to our seats.

Then, about 2 hours later, I look in front of me, and Eman and some others walked right by us heading to somewhere in the pavilion.  I missed him by a second and only saw his back.  I totally would have said hi if I'd seen him earlier.  We never saw where he went though.

Joe did another set later on in the day, and this time, we could barely take our eyes off of Eman.  It was amazing.

So, from that day on, I went online and began searching for any and all information I could find on him, and came up with very little.  It was frustrating!  I did find out that I already had Teaching Mrs. Tingle and that he was on it (I now remember loving the song when I'd gotten it, but had never thought about it much).  So this is the story that caused the whole thing!  I haven't been able to get the man off of my mind since and have fallen in love with his music.  He's absolutely incredible!!!
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