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Macy's Music Mania
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You can view the video of the Macy's Music Mania concert in NYC.  There aren't too many closeups of Eman, but you can hear his amazing guitar playing very clearly.  In the middle of the concert, Joe read out loud my sign I'd made for Eman - which just read "www.EMAN"!  Be sure to listen for that!
Lifescapes: Arkou Productions
Lifescapes: Emanuel Kiriakou
The Emanuel "Eman" Kiriakou Webring
Eman was featured August's PLAYBACK magazine which is put out by ASCAP.  The picture includes Eman, Spiro Phanos (Eman's manager), Joe McIntyre, and Jerry Jaffe (Joe's manager)
Joey McIntyre's Official Website
An Interview with Eman
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