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Here is my story of my trip back from NC on August 4th - its copied from what I posted to the Bravehearts on Joe's BBS
Hi all...

I know I've posted some hinting towards something that happened to me this morning.  I wasn't going to post it, but I changed my mind.

First, the weekend in NC rocked.  I had a blast, and the ride down and back, though long and tiring, were fun.  The concert was amazing, and I loved every minute of it.  Had that been the extent of my weekend, I would probably be sound asleep right now dreaming about it.  But it wasn't.

Ok, the reason that we drove such insane hours is because I and a couple others had to work until 5 on Friday, so we couldn't leave until then, and also a few of us needed to be in on Monday.

On Sunday, Mel, the other driver, felt awful, but she was the only one who could drive her car (a stick).  We considered the idea of stopping halfway and finishing the rest on Monday.

Well, I couldn't.  My boss was out on vacation and there were some reports that had to be done.  No matter what I had to be there.

The drive back was much harder...we got to Worcester (Mel's) at like 2:30/3 AM, then got to Stacey's at 3:30.  From there, I went to Susan's in Dorcester, and then finally back towards my house north of Boston.  I had a drop of gas left, so though I was EXHAUSTED (had been driving since 10:30 on Sunday) I pulled off to get gas, and ended up taking some backroads home to my house.

While on that road, somehow I blinked a little too long.  My car (my 3 week old Kia Sportage) swerved to the right, and as I hit the curb, my eyes opened.  I watched as my car headed directly head first into the telephone pole at full speed and there was nothing I could do about it...I'd snapped the steering going over the curb (found this out later).  The car ended up spinning another 270 degrees around.  The whole time, Joe's album STS was blaring from my CD Player.

As soon as it stopped, I grabbed the seatbelt off and got out of the car.  I was hysterical just standing there.  A cop came up immediately, he'd seen the whole thing, and he'd been scared to go near my car because he was sure it was a fatality.  He couldn't believe I got out of it.

I only have some scrapes, cuts, bruises and bumps.  Nothing broken, nothing major.  I don't know how.

The strange part is that my mother's father died doing almost the exact same thing, back when my mother was 10.  His accident had been less than a mile from where mine was, and he had fallen asleep and hit a telephone poll.  His car had even been towed by the same company, and it had happened at the exact same time of the morning as mine.  My mother seriously freaked out with flashbacks.  The only difference is, he too had no major injuries on the outside, but he did have major internal injuries.

Ok, so to get to my point.  I didn't go to work today.  I'm so incredibly lucky to be alive that I can't even concieve of it.  Its too incredible.

My point though is, that this was an incredibly close call and I almost did lose everything in a split second.  Someone or something was watching over me or was with me in that car.  But, it didn't have to happen.  My job was not worth almost losing my life. 

Nothing like that is.  If any of you do take another road trip to see Joe like I did, I'm not saying you shouldn't.  But please please please be careful.  Get sleep, get off the road and rest when you need to.  Do not rush to get somewhere for something that in the long run really isn't all that important.

Lives can't be replaced, and my life has been changed again today.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to look at things the same way again, and that's a good thing.  I just wish it didn't have to happen in such an extreme way.

Ok, that's it.

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